Why Exercise and Cancer Co-Exist

Cancer will affect your life in multiple ways, it can affect you physically, financially, emotionally and psychologically. The changes in the area in which Cancer can take effect in can experience serious damage. But though it may be very painful to go through, don’t lose hope, Cancer can still be cured and when it does there is nothing much sweeter than the smell of Victory and Survival. Though as the saying goes, “Survival of the Fittest” only the strong willed will be the ones who’ll make it through. But, will, alone, does not guarantee your survival. You also have to be physically prepared as well.

There are a lot of benefits you can get from being physically fit. Aside from a very toned and healthy body, you will lessen the chance of getting illnesses and diseases that could harm your life if you were not healthy. Being diagnosed of having Cancer is mentally crushing, most people would lose the will to fight whenever they know that they have Cancer. Which would lead most patients a lot more vulnerable to cancer progressing in their bodies. Though there is really no strong connection between your emotions to the rapid increase of Cancer Cells inside your body. But a weak body is more susceptible to the complications of Cancer and would increase the mental stress you are already undergoing.

Exercise and Cancer are linked to one another, people who are fitter and healthier would have a better quality of life compared to people who do not exercise. To help open your minds to the idea of exercising even if you have Cancer, here are the benefits you can experience when you diligently exercise.

Maintain Physical Strength

One of the complications of Cancer is the loss of energy, this is because cancer cells absorb other cells around them. Blood cells bring oxygen and nutrients in different areas in your body which would boost your energy. Aside from that, you may have already lost a lot of muscle tone because of the lack of exercise and due to the loss of interest due to having cancer. Exercising would help you maintain your strength so that you will no longer need assistance to when doing day-to-day activities that most Cancer patients would have difficulty in performing.

Lessen the Effects of Fatigue

Fatigue is one of the common symptoms of Cancer every cancer patient has. When you are experiencing fatigue, exercising is the most cost effective and best way to fight it. This is because exercising constantly will give you more energy, in the long run, it will increase the wear and tear of your muscles. With the help of constant exercise, you will greatly increase your physical and mental aspect of your life. Which is why exercise and cancer will help you go through your journey with fighting cancer. If you have a friend or someone you know fighting cancer, always advise them that exercise and cancer will work well together to benefit you days of going through cancer.


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